Improve Employee Retention at your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Business

A Micro-Market will ENTICE and RETAIN Employees

Updating your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin break room with a micro-market makes employees happier, adds value, and upgrades your reputation.

Hiring a New Employee Costs $1,000 to $5,000

Recruiterbox reports the total cost of hiring a new employee can be over $5,000 for professional careers and still well over $1,000 for service careers.

What Employees Love About Micro-Markets

All the innovative technology and product choices ensure micro-markets are seen as an employee perk.

24 Hour Access

Hundreds of food & drinks available
at all time, not just 8-5.

Healthy Fresh Food

Refreshing entrees and food snacks
made with fresh ingredients.


Modern Experience

An open shopping experience with
interactive touchscreen kiosk.

Loyalty Rewards

Earning money towards future purchases
with cashless payments.

Micro-Markets are a Perk Employees Don’t Want to Lose

How It Benefits Employers

A micro-market in the Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin workplace is a free or low cost way to transform the break room.

Imagine a contemporary, brightly lit refreshment area in your break room. BE’S Refreshments will install one free, and then fill it with hundreds of fresh, trendy snacks, food, and beverages. We will track inventory and restock it for you, so there’s no petty cash or receipts to reimburse. We will even work with you on subsidizing certain foods in the micro-market or adding money to accounts as bonuses or appreciation perks -- a great way to boost the benefit even further.

  • No (or low) cost upgrade
  • Employees stay on-site
  • No petty cash or inventory hassles
  • Contemporary, bright look
  • Kiosk enables cashless payment
  • Fresh and trendy food items
  • Can be subsidized to further benefit

Ready To Talk Micro-Markets
And Keep Employees?

Wage war on employee turnover with micro-markets from BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-2318 or