Shop the break room

The benefit of a micro-market is that it creates
a shopping experience for employees within the workplace.

Partner with BE’S Refreshments to really make a unique break room for employees. The open racks and glass-door coolers of a micro-market transform the standard break room into a welcoming, inspiring place for employees to refresh and recharge. While the basic plan doesn’t cost a company anything to implement, it is a great opportunity to offer incentives to employees by covering some of the cost of products. This lowers the prices for employees and encourages them to stay onsite for breaks.

Micro-market benefits in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin
Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin micro-market benefits

Improve corporate culture

Employees appreciate the choice and variety provided by a micro-market in the break room.

Go for healthy

Micro-markets provide plenty of healthy snacks and drinks to choose from when opting for a healthier lifestyle.

Greater efficiency

Deli quality food, top selling snacks, and must-have beverages mean no wasted time searching for food.

Improve morale

Gain an edge in getting things done with employees who are well-fed and feel valued in the workplace.

Fully automated

Be impressed with the smart inventory system of micro-markets, which shows all products at your location in real time.

Offer more choices

The open design of a micro-market ensures there’s room for multiple flavors, enhanced variety, and fresh options.

Fixtures that attract

Each micro-market is customized with contemporary elements that fit your break room and will impress employees.

Utilize self-checkout

Micro-markets can be open 24 hours a day because employees scan and pay for items at the self-checkout kiosk.

Employee perks

From subsidizing a portion of all products or running monthly specials — we work with you to create special incentives.

Provide balance

A better break room ensures employees can recharge away from their desks in order to truly be productive during the day.

Create an oasis in your break room with a micro-market from BE’S Refreshments at or 920-983-2318.