Customized snack vending machines you will love.

Options from savory to sweet.

Your snack vending machine experts in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin

Don’t send your employees out for snacks. Ensure they have the snack vending machine options to stay productive and focused in your break room. BE’S Refreshments guarantees a superior snack vending experience for each of our Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin customers. Our vending machines are filled with today’s most popular snacks, including healthy alternatives.

Each snack vending machine we place offers the latest technology such as a guaranteed product delivery system. Infrared sensors detect if a product falls into the delivery area. If not, it triggers a refund. Plus, snack vending machine users can pay any way they like, including cash, credit/debit card or with a mobile device. We make snacking easy.

Customize your snack vending machines

A full line of a snacks, sweets, and treats is available to become your perfect snack vending machine solution.

Save employees time and expense with snack vending machines from BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-2318 or