Transform your break room with a self-checkout refreshment solution

Create a high-quality micro-market that your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin employees will love. Our micro-markets include ready-to-serve hot meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, beverages and much more!

Spacious break room for lunch or an informal meeting

Bringing micro-markets to Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin with self-checkout kiosks

  • Open concept for a free flow

    Accessible shelves, glass-front coolers, and an all-hour self-checkout system to make your break room stand apart. This solution is out-of-the-box with hundreds of snacks, fresh foods, and beverage options in an easy to use solution.

  • Secure, touchscreen kiosk

    Purchase your favorite snacks, foods, and beverages with credit/debit cards or micro-market account. Our easy to use touchscreen kiosk is secure and accepts most cashless payments.

  • Personalize your micro-market options

    Give employees the entrees and drinks they want with an open concept mini store that provides refreshment all day, every day. BE’S Refreshments offers micro-market service unique to your location from the products available to the market design.

Breakthrough touchless technology for Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin break rooms

Tomorrow’s NO TOUCH solution for today’s break room.

Quick and easy touchless checkout

Offer your employees an alternative to using cash or swiping a card to purchase items. It’s as easy as scanning a unique QR code and paying with their mobile account.

Open an Account

Use your mobile phone to download the app and create a new account

  1. Select Create Account on the sign-in screen
  2. Enter your email address and confirm the verification email
  3. Provide the required information. Auto-funding is optional
  4. Fund your account and you’re good to go!

Add Funds

Deposit funds into your account using options such as credit cards, PayPal, etc.

  1. Select the Fund Account button on the main screen
  2. Select the payment method to be used
  3. Choose a dollar amount to credit to your account
  4. Hit the Add $ to add the funds!


Scan the products you want to purchase and use the QR code to pay for them.

  1. Scan your products at the kiosk
  2. Hit the Pay By Account button
  3. Scan the QR code from the app at the scanner
  4. Enjoy your tasty snacks!

Manage Account

Use the app to review previous purchases, update information, and manage rewards.

From the Settings menu you can:

  1. View past account history such as funding and purchases
  2. Add credit card information to your account
  3. Update your personal information
  4. View rewards, and so much more!

Hundreds of snacks, food, and beverage choices for your grab and go convenience

Scalable solution for your business

BE’S offers the Nano micro-market, a self-checkout kiosk service that offers dozens of different snack selections, fresh foods, and the best beverages to your Green Bay/Northeast Wisconsin employees 24/7.

Offer employees the on-site mini store they’ve always wanted with micro-markets from BE’S Refreshment at 920-983-2318 or