Leaders in placing micro-market security technology in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin

BE’s delivers a better break room experience

Enjoy refreshment at your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin micro-market confidently thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

Safe e-payments

Using credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or even cash has never been safer thanks to our encrypted and secured kiosks.

Digital surveillance

Our cameras monitor the micro-market at your Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin location 24/7.

Easy interface

Both seasoned employees and new hires will be able to operate our user-friendly micro-markets.

Communicate effectively

With eye-catching graphics, your micro-market kiosk can be a way to promote corporate events and news.

Web based inventory

All our micro-market data is managed remotely, using connected kiosks and cloud-based reporting.

Fully secured

There are absolutely no open ports or ways to access your personal information on the market kiosk.

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Deliver the micro-market security that will impress Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin residents from BE’S Refreshments at info@besrefreshments.com or 920-983-2318.