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We inspire the Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin workforce with complete break room solutions

Create a space that appeals to employees

Fuel collaboration and productivity with a break room culture that matches what top talent expects in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin. Today’s professional wants a flexible space to help them develop in their career and that includes 24/7 refreshment as well as social workspaces. BE’S Refreshments can offer the solution, hassle free!

Smarter Vending Machines

Engaging technology that modernizes the vending machine experience.

Mobile Payment Enabled

Make a purchase from your workplace vending machine using your smartphone.

Online Reporting Capabilities

We have your vending machine online for 100% accurate accountability.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Go green with our generic energy efficient equipment rated vending machines and power saving LEDs.

Foster a positive attitude in the workplace with Pantry Service

Ensure your Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin break room performs. Transform it into a retention tool that wows employees of all generations with free snacks, foods, and beverages. Pantry service allows you to pay for employee refreshments and offer them as a benefit to employees. Customize the products to include employee favorites, such as healthy items.

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Better coffee and tea at work is the new normal

Create a coffee experience reminiscence of the local coffee shop to energize and inspire employees. In Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin, employees are searching for a sophisticated coffee service that focuses on specialty beverages and personalization. BE’s Refreshments has the extensive gourmet coffees, fine teas, and modern brewing systems to make this a reality.

Serena Magnuson

“We understand – one size doesn’t fit all. Let’s find a custom solution for your break room or lunchroom needs.”

– Serena Magnuson, Customer Advocate

Break room services to meet your goals

BE’S Refreshments offers the corporate culture enhancing services Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin need to attract and retain A plus employees.

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Let us consult on your break room to make it an employee retention tool — BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-2318 or info@besrefreshments.com.