Personalize your break area with an exceptional line of hot tea

Tea options are a must-have

BE’S Refreshments offers the best tea service in Green Bay and all of Northeast Wisconsin

Full of options

Choose the right blend of tea for your Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin business, from herbal to oolong.

Health conscious

Drinking tea, especially green tea, has been associated with a number of positive health benefits.

Trendy hot drink

Expertly delivered tea service appeals to Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin employees, becoming a retention tool.

All day goodness

Tea is perfect for any time of day thanks to flavorful aromas, varying caffeine levels, and a wide range of options.

Inspiration in a cup

Enrich your coffee break to include today’s rising star beverage, tea, with it’s rainbow of flavors and many health benefits.

Stand out among the crowd in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin with a professional tea service solution from BE’S Refreshments at or 920-983-2318.