Filtered & Sanitized Water For
Green Bay Businesses

Waterlogic Firewall water filtration for your Green Bay office.

Breakthrough Humdrum Office Water

Tired of office water coolers that don’t purify? Sick of the chlorine flavor from your break room tap? Then your Green Bay workplace needs the breakthrough Waterlogic WL350. This water purification system is available in two break room sizes, countertop or compact floor-standing tower, but can do the job of a larger water filtration system. Enjoy clean, delicious water on-demand.

Unique design increases the exposure to ultraviolet light, purifying the water

Dispenser purification keeps nozzle-bacteria free while it’s filling your cup

Double certified by the Water Quality Association and U.S. EPA

An Innovation In Office Water

The high performance Waterlogic WL350 Firewall water filtration system delivers three core water purifying technologies to your Green Bay break room.

Water filtration with Waterlogic Firewall service in Green Bay

Premium Filtration

Various built-in filters eliminate common water contaminants/chlorine to vastly improve water taste.

Waterlogic firewall water filtration services in Green Bay

UV Purification

Trademark Firewall ultraviolet light technology purifies the water to 99.9999% bacteria free.

Green Bay office water filtration service with Waterlogic Firewall

Anti-Microbial Surfaces

All plastic surfaces around the water dispensing area are infused with Bio-Cote Anti-Microbial Protection.

Why The Waterlogix Firewall? Find out!

Waterlogic firewall water filtration services for your Green Bay office

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Waterlogic coolers reduce carbon footprint by up to 72% compared to bottled water coolers* plus they eliminate single-use plastic bottles from being tossed into landfills.

*Waterlogic 2014

Waterlogic Firewall Water Filtration Services in Green Bay
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