Nature at its best with a filtered water service program from BE’S

Hydrate with pure, fresh tasting water

Professional water filtration service for the Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin area

BE’S Refreshments can make convenient, great tasting water available at your Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin business. Choose our plumbed-in water filtration system for delicious hot and cold water thanks to filters that remove unseen particulates and impurities. The water filtration system is available in both a water dispensing floor unit and compact counter-top system.

Customize your water filtration service to your specific break room needs.

Hydrate in style with a Choice Plus water cooler

The Choice Plus 5 gallon water coolers from BE’S Refreshments give employees and guests in the Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin area a treat. Fresh tasting water, available hot or cold, from a floor standing unit. We deliver the 5 gallon water regularly and handle all maintenance needs.

Hydrated employees are happier and more productive
Healthy beverage choice to support corporate wellness
We handle procurement, delivery, and stocking
Fresh, clean water to enhance your business culture

Rediscover how water service can benefit your business with service from BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-2318 or