Adaptive Break
Room Safety

We are ready and able to address your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin sanitation concerns about COVID-19 and beyond.

Committed to Safe & Happy Employees

Our first priority is the health and safety of our customers and their employees. Vending machines or micro-markets filled with packaged food, snacks, and drinks mean staff can meet their break and meal-time needs WITHOUT leaving your Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin location. In addition, we have adapted the sanitation protocols performed when we service your location to meet the latest guidelines, further ensuring the safety of local workers.

Real-Time Monitoring

Vending Machines In Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Wireless vending machine technology allows us to keep service trips to a minimum while still providing plenty of products at your business.


Micro-Markets In Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Shopping in the break room via self-checkout offers food, snack, and drink options, so workers can avoid restaurants and crowded stores.

Vending Services

Pantry Services In Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Having the essentials packaged and behind glass gives employees peace of mind. Plus mobile payments eliminates the need for cash.

Mobile Support

Office Coffee In Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Direct communication is easier than ever via our mobile app. It allows your employees to ask their own sanitation questions or even report service issues.


BE’S Refreshments values your health and safety above all else. It is our hope that having safe access to food and beverages on-site will minimize your employees’ need to go outside of the office and help support the recommendations for social distancing.

All routes are enhanced with wireless technology to minimize the number of trips needed to your break room while maximizing the products available to
your employees.

Products for your break room are collected before leaving the warehouse so drivers can restock quickly, staying at your facility no longer than necessary.

In vending machines and micro-markets, products are available packaged instead of in open, bulk containers that can spread germs.

Any BE’S employee that comes to work displaying flu like symptoms will be isolated from other employees and sent home immediately.

All BE’S employees are required to self-report on the state of their health each day.

Break room service using the latest health and safety standards – that’s BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-7318 or