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Fond du Lac vending machinesFond du Lac’s Vending Machine Provider

Focused and energized workers are productive ones. That’s what vending machines services from BE’S Refreshments can do for Fond du Lac businesses. We offer all types of vending machines to help keep employees in the office for breaks, lunches and dinners with all types of snacks, foods and beverage items. From Coca-Cola vending machines, to Pepsi vending machines, to hot/cold/frozen food vending machines to vending machines that serve coffee – we have the selection of vending equipment to cater to any need, and the wide range of products to match. Vending machines are installed for free, and the selection of products is completely based on your preferences.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Ideal for Fond du Lac

Coffee service in Fond du Lac is another option for keeping employees on task. BE’S Refreshments’ office coffee service features the brewing machines to handle any coffee volume need, and the selection of coffees and teas to match. We have all the brands, types and flavors that people know and love. Beyond restocking your coffee supply on a regular basis, we’ll also provide those other items you need for your break room, such as stir sticks, sweeteners, creamers, etc.

For Fond du Lac offices with marginal water quality, our water filtration services feature bottleless filters that hook directly to your tap. It’s the fast, easy way to improve water quality.

Fond du Lac office coffee serviceFond du Lac’s Source for Micro-Market Services

If you want to provide vending items to your Fond du Lac employees, but want something beyond the typical lineup of vending machines, then a Micro-Market from BE’S Refreshments is for you. This is where we take a portion of your office and turn it into a mini convenience store. We’ll install a variety of racks, displays and coolers to match you space and product selection…then we’ll fill them with the many snacks, beverages and food items your people want. It’s a great way to improve productivity by giving people in-house breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Furthermore, the integrated self-checkout kiosks make transactions fast and easy, meaning less time for customers in the store and more time to enjoy their choices.

BE’S Refreshments wants to help you achieve a higher level of vending today. Call 920-983-2318 or e-mail