BE's Refreshments service area in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Marinette vending machinesQuality Vending Machines Available in Marinette

When you add a full service vending machine service to your Marinette office, you’ll achieve happier, more productive employees. BE’S Refreshments supplies you with all the machines you can imagine for free. From Coke vending machines to Pepsi vending machines, to vending machines the serve coffee, food items and healthy products, we have something for everyone. And we have a wide range of products to match. The selection is completely up to you. Ask about our unique vending agreements, such as free and subsidized vending.

Marinette’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Connection

Keep your Marinette employees focused with the best coffee service possible. BE’S Refreshments’ office coffee service offers the selection of coffees and teas, and a range of traditional and single-cup brewers, to cater to any sized office. We’ll also keep your break room fully stocked with other needs, such as filters, napkins, paper towels, creamers, sweeteners and other condiments.

Is your drinking water all it should be at your Marinette’s office? If not, our water filtration service can help. We use bottleless filters that hook to your tap, for a simple, effective solution to provide your people with better, healthier water.

Marinette office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Ready to Install in Marinette

A Micro-Market is a new kind of breakroom service you can add to your Marinette office space. BE’S Refreshments works with you to install attractive displays, coolers and racks into your space, and then we’ll stock it all with a large variety of products. Once completed, customers can walk in, grab what they want, and scan/pay for them at the integrated kiosks. It’s a great way to keep employees in the office over breakfast, lunch or dinner, which can mean much more productivity for your operation.

BE’S Refreshments can get you started on the path to higher productivity today. Call 920-983-2318 or e-mail to find out more.