BE's Refreshments service area in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Marquette vending machinesMarquette’s Vending Machine Solutions are Here

BE’S Refreshments offers only the latest in vending machine technology to our customers in Marquette. Our advanced vending machines can vend any type of item, from snack vending machines and Coke/Pepsi vending machines to those that vend coffee, energy drinks, ice cream bars and cold entrée items. All vending machines are installed for free, and we’ll come back regularly to refill your vending machines and make sure they are operating properly. Regardless of the products you choose, we offer many different types of vending agreements, from traditional arrangements to the more unique free or subsidized vending programs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Marquette

As a professional office coffee service, BE’S Refreshments has everything your Marquette break room needs to start offering brand named coffees brewed right. Our many options of brewing machines range from traditional high-volume brewers to smaller single-cup options. We not only regularly service the coffee equipment and restock your coffee supply, but we also can stock your break room with everything else you need.

If your water quality is poor, ask about our bottleless water filtration units that connect directly to your tap for a fast, simple solution. We offer both floor standing and counter top models to best fit the size of your break room.

Marquette office coffee serviceOffering Micro-Markets to Marquette Offices

A Micro-Market program from BE’S Refreshments is the ideal vending option for any Marquette office. We take a portion of your available office space and turn it into a self-sustaining corner store, including attractive racks, displays and coolers. Choose from hundreds of snacks, foods, drinks and healthy products to fill your store, giving employees options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What further makes a Micro-Market unique is the exceptional convenience. Employees can select whatever they like and then bring them to the self-checkout kiosks. They handle the transaction themselves, so there’s no need for anyone to watch the store.

We’re ready to take your Marquette office to the next level of vending. Call BE’S Refreshments today at 920-983-2318 or e-mail to find out how.