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Menasha vending machinesMenasha’s Source for Cutting Edge Vending Machines

Looking for that magic bullet solution to keep Menasha employees in the office and energized? You’ll find it with a vending machine service from BE’S Refreshments. We offer a range of vending machines to cater to the preferences of any workforce, from Coca-Cola and Pepsi vending machines, to snack vending machines, to coffee and food vending machines. Name the type of product you want, and we likely have a state-of-the-art vending machine that can serve it. We are known for our wide selection of products, and customized selections that fit your Menasha breakroom. We’re always happy to respond to special requests.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Any Menasha Office

Add a professional caliber office coffee service to your Menasha operation with BE’S Refreshments. We offer the brands, types and flavors of coffees and teas your people know and love, and we support them with state-of-the-art brewing technology. From single-cup brewers to those that brew higher volumes by the pot, we have the coffee machines to cater to your operation’s needs. Beyond regularly maintaining and stocking your coffee service, we’ll also supply other items in your break room.

Our water filtration services throughout Menasha feature bottleless water filters that connect to your tap, delivering better tasting water with a turn of the faucet. Choose a counter top or floor standing water filtration system to revive the water cooler experience without the bottle.

Menasha office coffee serviceMicro-Markets for Menasha

If a vending machine service can help encourage Menasha employees to stay in the office and be more productive, then a Micro-Market from BE’S Refreshments will guarantee it. This goes far beyond vending machines. A Micro-Market is when we take a portion of your office and turn it into a self-sustaining corner store, complete with attractive racks, displays and coolers. Then it’s filled with hundreds of products – with a selection and types of products you don’t normally see from vending machines. Customers can walk in, browse what they want, and bring selected items to the self-checkout kiosks to handle the transaction themselves. With so many options and so much convenience right on site, it’s no wonder operations with Micro-Markets see many more people staying in the office for lunches and dinners.

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