Indulge in a specialty coffee brewer as sophisticated as the drinks it creates

Craft delicious coffee-based beverages

Serving Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin a more high-class office coffee service experience.

Dozens of drink options

Create your ideal beverage from a full range of drink recipes or personalize the recipe to make it your own.

Enjoy ethically sourced coffee

TopBrewer users can choose from 4 coffee blends, all ethically sourced, handpicked and slow roasted.

Connect through iBeacon®

Order your favorite beverage remotely through iBeacon® with your iPhone®, iPad® or Apple Watch®.

Eye-catching design

The sleek look and leading-edge technology make the TopBrewer ideal for any stylish space.

office coffee service in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

Discover the TopBrewer experience

Raise the level of your office coffee service with a TopBrewer from BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-2318 or