3 Reasons to Work for a Green Bay, Northeast Wisconsin Vending Company

Green Bay Northeast Wisconsin vending careers

3 Reasons to Work for a Green Bay, Northeast Wisconsin Vending Company

Few things are more important than liking your job. With the new year around the corner, we know Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin residents are evaluating their situations and looking at options. From our years of experience serving the Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin area in vending, micro-markets, and office coffee service, we can tell you why vending is a great career. From friendly co-workers to the warm feeling you get knowing you’re making a difference in your community, a job at a Green Bay vending company might be your perfect fit.

1. You’re a refreshment hero

During a long Green Bay or Northeast Wisconsin workday, people get tired. Enter BE’S Refreshments. Our vending machines, office coffee service, micro-markets and even pantry service offer Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin workers a pick me up right in their workplace. No hard selling, just products and services people really want and need.
Imagine being able to ensure there is always hot coffee in the Green Bay breakroom ready for tired employees? Or, restocking vending machines as needed in Green Bay, Northeast Wisconsin facilities that run 24 hours, like hospitals. The employees at those workplaces, or customers and guests, appreciate having nourishment and treats at their fingertips.

Part of vending team in Green Bay | BE'S Refreshments2. You’re part of a team

One of the disadvantages of remote working and internet meetings is a lack of camaraderie. There’s no small talk in the break room or friendly greetings in the halls. However, at a vending company like BE’S, there is no remote working. It’s just the right opportunity for those looking for that in-person environment and live in the Green Bay, Northeast Wisconsin area. Whether you’re a vending relief driver or money room attendant, you’ll have co-workers to greet at BE’S, be part of the employee appreciation celebrations, and be confident that you’re doing work that helps the Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin community. Many businesses in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin rely on those well-stocked vending machines.

3. You can work front or back of the house

Not everyone is the same. A Green Bay vending company offers a variety of positions that fit different personalities. Take a fulfillment center position. This person works in the warehouse using the latest vending technology to pull the products needed for various Green Bay break rooms. This could mean to refill vending machines, micro-markets, or even office coffee service orders. There is no selling or talking to customers.
An office coffee service driver and sales person, on the other hand, gets to interact with many people in a day. This person is out and about, traveling the Green Bay area, and asking about needs and how the company can help. A different type of person would like this job, compared to working in the warehouse.
Is it time for time try a new career for you? Perhaps you want to look at a vending team. That’s great news, because BE’S Refreshments is hiring in Green Bay! Check out our open jobs on our careers page and apply online. We can’t wait to meet you.