Best Vending Snacks of 2021 In Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

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Best Vending Snacks of 2021 In Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

We love a good list. Certainly, no list is tastier than the best eats and treats of the previous year.  of what got the most votes by sales (and repeated sales). 

Beverages – carbonated & caffeine filled

Few things are more iconically vending than soda, or pop for our Minnesota transplants. Coke and Pepsi made our list, but Mtn Dew also topped our charts, including diet Mtn Dew. There is definitely something extra special about this citrus soda with a boost of caffeine. Clearly a favorite in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin beverage vending machines.

Talking about caffeine, ready-made coffee and energy drinks were clear winners in 2021. Both the Starbucks Vanilla Double Shot and Mocha Double Shot ranked high for Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin vending users. Rich and creamy, these coffee-based drinks pack a punch of caffeine, 225 mg, enhanced with ginseng, guarana, B vitamins.
Monster energy drinks killed it with the original, Ultra Zero, and Mango Loco varieties. Not surprising from a beverage that claims to be the meanest energy drink on the planet. Caffeine-packed and full of flavor, these are welcome answers to employee energy lulls and drowsy distraction.

Snacks – Cheesy & Chewy

Wisconsin is known as the dairy state, so it’s no surprise that cheesy snacks are a Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin favorite. In 2021, Nacho Cheese DoritosCheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles, and Crunchy Cheetos all were huge sellers. Even among healthy snacks, cheese stood out. (Drumroll please) Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles and Smart Foods popcorn (white cheddar) were in the top four. What else were health-conscious snackers choosing? Baked Sour Cream Onion Lays and Zoo Animal Crackers in 2021.

In the candy category, chewy was a sweep. From Trolli Sour Brite CrawlersHARIBO Goldbears, Sour Punch Assorted Bits, and Cherry Nibs, each of the top selling candy was a chewy confection. While not technically candy, the Black Forest Fruit Snacks was a bestseller as well, supporting the Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin area’s love of gummy confections.

Snickers candy bar
Let’s not forget the chocolate

Topping the treats list is the tried and true Famous Amos cookies. There is just something about this chocolate chip wonders that has inspired long time love. Maybe it’s that they go so well with office coffee. Really. Try it sometime. You’ll thank us.
The chocolate candy stars of 2021 include SnickersM&M PeanutTwix Caramel, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. All delicious, all break room rockstars in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin. Expect to see these in your vending machines, and micro-markets, for years to come.
All this talk about the best snacks of 2021 gives us the munchies. If you’ve got them too, and want to talk vending service or micro-market service, give BE’S Refreshments a call at 920-983-2318. Clearly, we’ve got the goods.