Need to Engage Your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Employees? Try Water.

Water Service In Green Bay | BE's Refreshments

Need to Engage Your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Employees? Try Water.

Water Service In Green Bay | BE's Refreshments

Water is essential to the human body. It accounts for 60 percent of our body weight and plays an important role in being engaged and productive in our daily lives. According to studies published at BMC Public Health, a loss of just 3 percent can lead to a state of dehydration. Losing more than 8 percent of that water weight causes death. Yikes! But let’s step back and assume your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin employees have access to enough water to avoid death. What about dehydration, or just plain thirst?

Water In Green Bay Workplaces | BE'S RefreshmentsMoody Workers Could be Dehydrated

Without enough water in their bodies, people feel “sluggish. This can lead to mistakes on the job, from typos on that proposal to the big client or inadvertently moving too close to dangerous factory equipment. It can also cause employees to experience mood swings. This could lead to more conflicts at work, a low corporate morale, and increased turnover as people leave for other jobs. And that’s just if employees are thirsty! 

When water weight drops enough to be considered dehydration (more than 3 percent) things are even worse. They experience headaches, irritability, and sleepiness. But BE’S Refreshment can help!

Ways to Boost Hydration at Work

When it comes to encouraging employees to drink more water, you need to think outside the box. Yes, there are bottles of water in all of our vending machines and micro-markets, but to really get people interested, try these tips:

1. Order bulk water 

Employees love getting free stuff. Make that work to your advantage in Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin by buying water bottles or cans in bulk and stocking them in the break area. It’s something you can order from us, and we’ll deliver it when we service your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin location. 

2. Install a water filter

If your Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin facility gets municipal water, it’s no doubt free of harmful bacteria and large sediment. But how does it taste? Is a chemical taste or an abundance of iron keeping your employees from filling their water glasses? Try a water filter. It can be attached right on the water line for a hassle free installation. We can help and will even change filters and perform preventative maintenance. Your employees’ tastebuds will thank you. 

3. Get an ice machine

For many people, ice transforms water from a basic fluid to a refreshing drink. There are many ice options, but it’s best to choose one that delivers ice without scooping or popping ice from trays to ensure sanitation. Individual dispensing is available in full-size, freestanding ice machines and small countertop ice makers. Many ice makers for break rooms even have customizable ice sizes.  

4. Invest in a fancy water cooler

Water coolers have changed a lot over the years. BE’S Refreshments offers all types of options from sanitizing bottleless water coolers to flavored water stations that let you add flavors, carbonation and sweeteners. Let us transform your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin water service into something amazing.   

For help inspiring your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin workers to drink more water, contact BE’S Refreshments at 920-983-2318. We look forward to hearing from you.