Use Micro-Markets in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin to Keep Your Employees

Green Bay Employees Love Micro-Markes

Use Micro-Markets in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin to Keep Your Employees

Green Bay Employees Love Micro-MarkesEvery business needs employees. Make them feel great about where they work with a break room full of stocked vending machines or even better, a micro-market. A micro-market in your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin break room can help you retain your best workers and even attract new talent. Already have a micro-market? In that case, there are ways to boost its effectiveness in employee retention and reducing turnover. Read on for how to use a Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin micro-market as a human resource tool.

Onsite store

Micro-markets look very different than vending machines. Micro-markets are designed with racks, open shelves, glass coolers, and contemporary fixtures to deliver a mini store experience. This allows employees at your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin businesses to pick up and browse snacks, fresh food, cold beverages and more. There is no need to buy first, which employees love.

As employees walk into a micro-market they feel elevated. A micro-market is a perk that saves them time and offers them something special in the Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin workplace. This makes employees appreciate their employer (for installing the micro-market) and drives up corporate morale. Yet, a micro-market costs the employer nothing. We provide all the products, inventory the market, and restock whenever needed.

Micro-Markets Keep Green Bay EmployeesVariety 24/7

The self-checkout kiosk in the micro-market lets your employees make a purchase any time they need it. If someone comes in early and needs a boost of caffeine? No problem with a micro-market. If someone stays late to finish an important job? Well then, the micro-market offers grab and go food and drinks to keep them productive. Plus, thanks to the open-concept design, there are literally hundreds of product options. All the popular flavors of soda, sparkling water, energy drinks, cold brew, and more are available. You can grab fresh food made by professional kitchens in the Green Bay area and snacks in the latest flavor combinations. Looking for nutritious options? Healthy takes center stage in a micro-market. You will see varieties of granola bars, keto-friendly snacks, all-natural treats, and a lot more.

Added incentives

If your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin company already has a micro-market, there are ways to promote its value further. For example, employees can sign up to create a micro-market account and use it to pay at the self-checkout kiosk. This not only makes for a faster, more upscale transaction, but it earns the employee loyalty points. These points add up to real cash off future snacks, drinks, and meals. In addition, a micro-market account provides access to discounts and special offers not available in vending machines. This makes Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin employees happy.

Employers that want to offer employee incentives can easily do that with a micro-market. We can help you set up a payroll deduction system. This allows employees to make purchases, and the money comes out of their next paycheck automatically. Some companies in the Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin area have decided to fund their employees micro-market accounts as a special thank you. This can be a very effective way to create goodwill and show your employees they are appreciated. Which in turn, keeps them loyal and happy to be at work. It all goes a long way in reducing turnover. We are happy to collaborate with you on ways to boost your micro-market and keep employees at your Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin company.
Micro-markets can transform a break room. No longer just a place employees visit, the micro-market break room is a place to shop and collaborate with colleagues. Let BE’S Refreshments create a micro-market solution right for your needs. Contact us at 920.983.2318.